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It Started With a List…

I was originally planning on discussing family traditions, with all the holiday get-togethers that were happening.  I was so eager to write about them after I attended the festivities and ate copious amounts of food, which inevitably happens to me every year, and without fail, I end up remorseful, feeling like a total glutton.

Then, two things happened.  The first was horrible, and hit me like a train.  I became very ill over the Christmas holiday, wound up at hospital, and was unable to eat much else than 7-Up and a handful of saltine crackers.  Needless to say, I really wasn’t up to writing about the delicious smells coming from kitchens, which are all heavily apart of the holiday traditions in my life.

The next events that occurred were the marriage engagements of family and friends.  Most of the family and friends in my life are married, engaged, or in serious relationships.  I’m the lone wolf.  Single.

I am at the age where an abundance of my post consists of bridal shower invitations, save the dates, and wedding invitations.  I’ve always taken the motto that I’m so preoccupied  with my work and hobbies that I don’t need someone else to answer to.  When I travel, I don’t have to fight with another person about where we want to go.  If I want to go out with my girlfriends, I don’t have to check with anyone else.  Same with gaming weekends with my guy friends.  Just order pizza and drinks.

Then, the engagements of some good friends – yes, plural – and a cousin happened.  Oh, and let’s not forget, I just had a birthday.  And next month is Valentine’s Day.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m very happy for my loved ones.  All of this just got me thinking…so I started with a list.  This list contains some qualities that I would like in a partner:Image

If you can’t read my chicken scratch, I don’t blame you.  The list is as follows:

  1.  Must love dogs (especially mine :))
  2.  Harry Potter is the best series ever written, no questions asked!
  3.  J.K. Rowling is the best author
  4.  I am a writer.  Please understand this.  We have unique personalities.
  5.  I am very quiet.  Please don’t think this means I’m not interested in what you have to say.
  6.  I love football.  Do not get this confused with American football.  We play, watch, and speak of real football in this house.
  7.  I play video games.  It would be great if you tried them, too.
  8.  I love Missy Higgins. If you need questions answered, please refer to my friends.  They will gladly fill you in.

So after making this list, I began thinking even more.  I then discovered Pinterest.  Big mistake.  I had grand plans of having a very simple yet intimate beach wedding with my colours of teal and brown, and was dead set on wearing a simple dress involving those colours…until I saw these photos:



How cute are those suits?  I think I could totally rock either of those.  Then I got to thinking that I really want a dress, but never look good in them.  Cue the emotional roller coaster that was my evening.

Pinterest wasn’t enough to fuel my addiction.  So, I found my way to YouTube and saw this:



How preciously geeky is this?!  Quirky, but totally me.  I find this amazing.  My geekiness exploded when I saw this.  And the colours are so pretty.  And the couple is adorable.

Then I thought about how I am another year older, and still haven’t met my special someone.  It probably doesn’t help that I get wrapped up in my work often, and when I go out, am incredibly shy. 

Not having a significant other and being a year older then caused a snowball effect.  I started feeling very clucky.  I’m now worried that the big family I want isn’t going to happen.  I’m worried that the names I have picked out for my future children (yes, I have a list of names, I’m a girl, don’t judge) will never be uttered in my home.

I feel this way every now and then.  Then, my hobbies or traveling come along, and I think hey, I’m a twenty-something!  My generation is waiting.  We are living our lives, pursuing our goals, and then having our families.  Why am I in such a rush?

But, that’s not to say I won’t ask my crush out for coffee the next time I “just happen” to walk in to the store they work at…if I can find the courage.











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