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I Will Unfriend You

It is no secret that I’m fighting technology.  Yes, I am a gamer, and I can pretty much figure things out for friends and family when they need to troubleshoot something on a device of theirs.  However, the latter is primarily because I have to adapt to this technological hey-day era in which we live.  The former, well, that’s another long story. We’ll skip that one today.

However, one of the main reasons I’m swimming upstream when it comes to technology is due to social media. Okay, not exactly social media per se, but the people on it. There are some social media no nos that users commit on a daily basis that drive me absolutely bonkers. What follows is a list of the top five crimes people commit that make me want to gouge an eye out with a rusty spoon.

1. Wishing your friend Happy Birthday on your own page.

Who’s day is it again? Yours, or your friend’s? Nothing screams “look at me, look at me, I’m amazingly fantastic” more than tagging your friend on your own page so that everyone comes to your page. Not only is this rude, but if this person is your “real life” friend, and you sincerely want to wish him or her a good day, we have this little invention called a phone.

2. Updating your status every five minutes.

Every. Five. Minutes. Yes, people do this. Twitter? Okay, I signed up for that, I expect a billion tweets a day. But Facebook? Really? Not only is it rude to inundate your “friends'” homepages on a constant basis, but quite frankly, I don’t care what shoe color you decided on; you just typed five minutes ago via status update that you couldn’t choose between brown or black…and took a picture so I could be there and live the moment with you…

3. Typing a chapter status about EVERYTHING you have done/done so far for your day.

These people are almost as bad as #2. Sweet Starbucks coffee…I’m sure you find your life fascinating, but I don’t need to know, nor do I really care, that you washed your laundry, then dried it, folded it, decided to eat a pretzel, then saw a chocolate chip cookie and ate it, too, filled up your gas tank, cooked dinner (insert dinner food here), got a shower – made sure it wasn’t too hot, etc, etc. You got it. What gets me is that although I, like many others, can’t stand these people, THEY GET “LIKES” ON THESE UPDATES ALL THE TIME! I’m at a loss here.

4. Bragging about stupid things you do/complaining about work, etc.

Wow. This is becoming more commonplace by the day. On public profiles. These, I don’t get. On my down time, I really don’t discuss work, so why would I want to put it on my own space? Unless something very unusual or funny happened, I don’t want to talk about my job outside of it anyway. Furthermore, especially with open profiles, you guys do understand that your co workers, boss, boss’ boss, and EVERYONE can see “how smashed I got on (insert week night here),” and follow it up with a picture that they will no doubt regret as they remove it once they have been fired, and “oh my gosh, my boss is such a (insert unflattering phrase here, followed by a rant),” right? Well, if not, you do now, so there is no excuse for your ignorance.

5. Checking in to places.

I’ll extend some leeway here. If it’s some place really cool or something you’re proud of, awesome. But, if you check in to the emergency room, that says one thing: Look at me! Ask me questions, pity me! The bigger question here is do you need to be in the emergency room if you are “checking in” on your social media? Point made.


6.Friend Requesting the world.

How the heck does my 15 year old family member have 1000+ “friends???” If you can’t name every single “friend” on your space, and tell me how you know him/her, maybe it’s time to stop. Social media is great for keeping in touch with friends and family, but why would one add Creepy Creeperson from Creepytown on your friend list to, you know, creep on you?

These aren’t nearly all the annoying things people do that make me hate technology.  I’ll need plenty more installations for that. These are just some top grievances I have from various people who I’ve had to get rid of on my list – yep, even family. Everyone makes mistakes, but if you do these regularly, you may need to get in “social media rehab.”


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